How We Operate

How We Operate

Greater Houlton Christian Academy, a non-profit corporation, is sponsored by the Greater Houlton Christian Academy Association. The Association elects a representative Board of Directors of up to nine members, which is entrusted with the general care, operation and function of the Academy. The board’s duties include overseeing the general financial operation of the school (including budgeting, strategic planning, and major fundraising), recruiting and selecting the head of school, developing policy, and serving as the link between Academy administration, staff and the Association while guarding the founders’ vision and the school’s current mission.

The head of school is appointed by the board as the Chief Executive Officer of the Academy and carries out the policies established by the board while overseeing the daily operation of the school. This includes evaluation of all educational practices, providing leadership in curriculum development, staff development and forwarding recommendations to the Board of Directors in these and other areas.


Association Membership

All school parents who are in agreement with the Statement of Faith and Christian Philosophy of Education are Association members along with school employees. Former school parents, alumni, and friends may also be Association members if they are in agreement with the Statement of Faith and Christian Philosophy of Education, have been approved by the board, and if they make a contribution each year to the school. Greater Houlton Christian Academy, Inc. holds an association meeting each year.

Because parents play a pivotal role in the development of their children's responsible attitudes towards school, appropriate behavior, and respectful interactions with others, they are encouraged to take an active part in the school experience. The Academy depends on parental involvement in such activities as work nights, fundraisers, and parent-teacher conferences. Realizing that some have time constraints, we simply ask parents to do their very best to participate. This participation makes this parent-sponsored school work successfully.


Board of Directors

Board members are elected for up to three-year terms at the annual meeting of the Association in late spring. Presently, five members comprise the board with the head of school acting as an ex-officio member of the board. The Association delegates leadership of the school to the board, which establishes policies for the operation of the school. The head of school, as chief executive officer, exercises oversight for all the operations and activities of the school's ministry. At the annual meeting, the board submits the school budget to the Association for information and approval. Greater Houlton Christian Academy is a board-directed, parent-sponsored school with a high measure of parental involvement at all levels of school activity.


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