Christian Education Can Be An Affordable Education!

GHCA offers a number of ways to help families afford private, tuition-based Christian education. Why not give our Business Office a call today at 532-0736? We will be pleased to confidentially answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Three-Year New Family Discount

We offer major tuition discounts to new families:

        Year 1 New Family Discount: 1st Child:  $1,000 2nd Child: $500
  Year 2 New Family Discount: 1st Child:  $  750 2nd Child: $250
  Year 2 New Family Discount: 1st Child:  $  500 2nd Child:  $  0

The new family discount applies to any family which did not have any children enrolled in GHCA in any part of the previous school year (call us for more details).


Tuition Payment

Most of our families choose payment plans that spread tuition out over ten or twelve months; we are happy to consider other options if you have something else in mind! The school is dependent upon tuition payments being paid on time each month; however, we understand there may occasionally be a legitimate reason for a late payment. No late fee will be assessed, but please notify the Business Office immediately to arrange for payment.


Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) helps make it possible for families to enroll who otherwise would be unable to pay the entire amount of tuition. GHCA uses the services of a third-party company, at a nominal cost to the family, to help us provide need-based assistance. While we expect families to provide as much tuition as possible, we will do our best to make it possible for mission-appropriate students to enroll at GHCA. Donations to the TAP are tax-deductible. Please contact the business office (532-0736) for information about giving or applying to this program. 

How Costs are Covered at GHCA

Tuition and fees cover only about 78% of what it actually costs to educate a student here—leaving an unfunded gap of about 22% for every student. Tuition does not cover program enhancements or facility improvements—it just helps keep our school running. This means that every student at GHCA actually receives a substantial form of tuition assistance.

We depend upon all parents’ involvement in fundraising activities to fund the remaining 22%. This difference between tuition and actual cost is made up through our Annual Fund campaign which consists of fundraising events and letter appeals to our current families, alumni families, friends, businesses and churches. Your direct participation in responding to these appeals and actively supporting the fundraisers are crucial to your school’s ability to succeed. This is a parent-sponsored school that cannot continue its educational ministry to students without the meaningful, sacrificial support of our parents. We are not eligible for direct government funding of any kind, nor do we desire it for a number of reasons.

Our budget and tuition costs are based primarily upon conservative enrollment and tuition revenue goals. Tuition revenue is estimated well in advance of our actual fall enrollment. If it becomes clear later in the year that our actual tuition revenue (and/or Annual Fund goal) is likely to be less than budgeted (meaning that we are looking at a deficit), the Board of Directors will report to all our school families what amount per student would make up the deficit. Families would not be billed for this amount but would be asked to donate as much of it as possible.


Fundraising Events

GHCA hosts at least two major fundraising events per year to supplement tuition and fund the operating budget.

1.      Harvest Festival Auction:  Held annually each fall, this event features a day of fun family activities and a lively and entertaining auction with hundreds of donated items and services from local businesses and individuals including homemade goodies, and handcrafted quilts and crafts. Over 200 guests join in the event. Families are asked to help in the activities and also donate auction items and join in the day of fun.

2.      Bike-a-thon:  Held annually in June, every student, faculty, staff members and parents is asked to participate, either in sponsoring someone with a donation or in seeking sponsorship for themselves. Each family is asked to send letters to friends or family who will financially sponsor their child(ren)’s day of biking, running or walking.









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