As a member of the Maine Principals Association (MPA) and the Aroostook League, we offer secondary students an active interscholastic sports program, the goal of which is to teach Christian character—such as self-discipline, commitment, and fairness—as well as to provide a vehicle for interaction and testimony to other students and provide a wholesome release for energy. Current sports offerings include cross-country, intramural soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and tournament volleyball. In addition, GHCA has a cooperative agreement with Hodgdon High School to allow individual students to compete in varsity soccer and golf. All GHCA interscholastic athletic activities are governed by the rules and regulations established by the MPA. Following are some athletics policies (in addition to the eligibility policy and other guidelines listed in “Student Activities”) that all students are expected to follow.


Middle School Program

The middle school level is foundational and emphasizes basic rules and skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Playing time will be as equal as possible but will also reflect skill, attitude, and work ethic. Cuts are rarely made but may be necessary due to resource constraints. Students in grades 5-8 may compete at this level. Due to our school size, eighth grade athletes are eligible to play in high school level sports. It is the school’s policy that priority is first given to the middle school programs—eighth graders are not allowed to practice with varsity teams until their season is complete but may travel and play with the varsity teams for games. Eighth grade athletes are expected to play all middle school games. At the conclusion of the middle school program, eighth graders may begin practicing with varsity teams. The school recognizes that it is a great opportunity for eighth graders to be involved with varsity teams and encourages such involvement. However, it is our belief that such involvement is mainly for developmental purposes, not athletic performance.


Varsity Program

At the varsity level, teams strive to be as competitive as possible within our philosophy. Coach expectations are higher at this level. There is a greater time commitment (daily) and the possibility of an extended season due to play-offs and tournaments. Playing time will vary depending entirely on skill, attitude, and work ethic. Any cuts made at the varsity levels are based on skill, attitude, and work ethic and may also be necessary due to resource constraints.


Christian Testimony

An athlete's actions are a reflection of the standards and values of GHCA. Therefore, all athletes are expected to exhibit Christ-honoring behavior and attitudes both on and off the field/court. This includes being respectful and obedient and demonstrating good sportsmanship.



All our school family—parents, staff, and students—are strongly encouraged to come and cheer for our teams in competition. Spectators are asked to remember, however, that good sportsmanship on the part of fans enhances our testimony as a Christian school, while poor sportsmanship sets a negative example for our children and harms our witness to the community. Failure to conduct oneself in a Christ-honoring way may result in the offender being asked to leave the event.



Awards nights are held at the end of the winter and spring seasons to celebrate athletic accomplishments. Certificates, letters, pins, and trophies are awarded based on criteria established by the athletic staff and administration. Student athletes are required to attend all such functions.



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